Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM)

  Edited: 13.11.2018
Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) is the world’s largest and most flexible centre for testing and developing technologies for CCS.

Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM)

Photo: Styrk Fjærtoft

Technology testing is essential for increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Testing is also needed to detect errors and shortcomings, and to ensure that CO2 capture technologies are safe to use.

The Technology Centre is located at one of Norway's most complex industrial facilities, Mongstad in Hordaland. There, researchers and developers can try out different technical solutions for capturing CO2 from flue gas, both from an oil refinery and a combined heat and power plant.

Industrial owners

The Technology Centre Mongstad is owned by the Norwegian State, together with Equinor, Shell and Total. Gassnova manages the Norwegian Government's stake. Several Norwegian and international companies are using the centre to test out technology that can be used for full scale CO2 capture.

  • Gassnova 77.5%
  • Equinor, 7.5%
  • Shell, 7.5%
  • Total, 7.5%

Sought after as a test arena

Aker Solutions, GE (earlier Alstom), Can­solv Technologies, Carbon Clean Solutions and ION Engineering have all tested their technologies at TCM. One of the world's largest engineering companies, Fluor, has signed an agreement with TCM to test its technology at the site. In addition, several "open" scientific test campaigns have been conducted, led by the owners of the Technology Centre.

Key facts about TCM

  • Captures up to 100,000 tons of CO2 each year
  • Two existing units to test different solvent-based solutions
  • Two different live industrial flue gas sources with different CO2 concentrations (3.5% –13%).
  • Capture method: Post-combustion (CO2 capture after combustion)
  • The facility is equipped with one hundred points for sampling and 4.000 measuring instruments are connected to a separate control room
  • Full-time staff 24/7
  • Located at Mongstad, Norway
  • In operation since 2012
  • Currently has 60 employees who are seconded from the owners

Main ambitions

  • Testing, verification and trialling of technology for CO2 capture.
  • Reducing costs, as well as technical, environmental, and economic risks, through technology development.
  • Contributing to the adoption of CO2 capture internationally.
  • Become an international centre of excellence within CCS.