Yara Porsgrunn

  Edit: June 2017
​Yara produces approximately 3.2 million tonnes of mineral fertiliser annually at Herøya in Porsgrunn. In addition, the factory produces nitrogen-based products.
Photo: Yara

Most of these products are exported. Yara International ASA is a global company with just under 15,000 employees and sales in around 160 countries.

At Herøya, there are production units for ammonia, nitric acid, calcium nitrate and complex fertiliser (NPK), in addition to large storage and dock facilities. There are plans to expand the existing CO2 capture from the ammonia factory.

Yara at Herøya has captured CO2 for almost 40 years, and we capture around 200,000 tonnes annually now, which is sold for foodstuff and industrial purposes. Yara has focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their production for many years. Now the company envisions an opportunity to capture up to an additional 800,000 tonnes of CO2 annually, which corresponds to 90 per cent of the factory's remaining greenhouse gas emissions. If the studies show a positive conclusion, liquid CO2 from Yara can become a contribution to the government's major full-scale capture, transport and storage project.

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