Fortum Oslo Varme

  Edit: February 2018
Fortum Oslo Varme's energy recovery plant at Klemetsrud in Oslo provides safe and environmentally friendly treatment of residual waste that cannot or should not be recycled.
Fortum Oslo Varme

The heat from incineration is recycled into electricity and green district heating.

Waste heat from Fortum Oslo Varme's energy recovery plant at Klemetsrud is distributed as district heating to large parts of Oslo.

With a future production capacity of 460,000 tonnes of waste annually and 90 per cent CO2 capture, the facility can capture more than 400,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

The City of Oslo has an ambitious climate target, and carbon capture at Klementsrud will contribute significantly to reducing the city's CO2 emissions.

Waste can and should be limited, but it can never be eliminated entirely. Even with a high level of recycling, there will always be a considerable part that cannot or should not be recycled, and the best solution for the environment for this waste is incineration with energy recycling. Carbon capture from energy recovery could be the next step towards a sustainable waste system and creation of a green circular economy.

Waste consists of approximately 60% biological carbon. Carbon capture at an energy recovery plant will therefore be so-called BIO-CCS (i.e. CCS from the incineration of organic waste, thereby removing the CO2 from the natural cycle). Fortum Oslo Varme's CCS project can contribute to important learning, with a high transfer value in a changing and forward-thinking industry.

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