UN climate panel says climate change can be limited

The UN climate panel has more or less reached a consensus that climate change is created by human activity. Furthermore, the panel points out that these changes can be limited if greenhouse gas emissions are curbed as soon as possible.
Less CO2 eaquals better climate
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​Published: 30092013

Technologies for capturing and storing CO2 have the potential of achieving a large share of the emission reductions.

On Friday, 27 September, the climate panel presented a summary of the report "Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis", the first of three work packages that will form the basis for the climate panel's expert input to the UN's climate negotiations in 2015. The hope is that the scientific documentation from the climate panel can lay the groundwork for a more ambitious global, regional and national climate policy.

"An ambitious climate policy will be a requirement for CCS technologies to be applied in such a scale that they have an effect," says Tore Amundsen, CEO of Gassnova.

The report states that there is a 95 percent probability that climate changes are the result of human activity. Furthermore, the climate panel estimates that global temperatures will rise between 0.3 and 4.8 degrees Celsius in our century. This is a global average, which means that there will be substantial local variations. Sea levels will rise somewhere between 25 and 82 centimetres by 2100.
The report also stresses the cumulative effect of carbon. Even if we were to stop all CO2 emissions tomorrow, the CO2 level will be so high for so long that climate change is inevitable. How quickly we are able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will affect how much global temperatures will rise, and as a result, the severity of the consequences.

The report is based on significant knowledge from new research. More than 600 authors have contributed to the report, which references more than 9 200 scientific publications. In addition, more than 1 000 expert comments have been considered.



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