The open-source centre at TCM

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TCM offers the world's most advanced testing arena for CCS technology, and since its establishment in 2012, has evolved into an attractive centre of excellence.

​From the TCM Lab.

Photo: Helge Hansen

Both Norwegian, American and Chinese companies cooperate with TCM in the development of efficient CCS technology.

In 2018, cooperation with the United States has led to new opportunities for TCM, as four U.S. companies have been given economic support from the U.S. government to test their technology at TCM. This is an important recognition for TCM, showing that both the work being done, and the expertise that has been generated in the last five years, are being noticed internationally. TCM aims to become an international centre of excellence within CCS.

In addition to test campaigns for established capture technology providers, we also run open test campaigns – initiated and controlled by TCMs owners. During such test campaigns, the non-proprietary chemical solution Mono Ethanol Amine (MEA) - which is well known for its removal efficiency- is used.

Numerous papers from the MEA test campaigns at TCM have been published and presented at large international conferences. TCM and its owners have greatly contributed to more knowledge and potentially important improvements of capture technologies.

Lessons learned

The test campaigns the last few years have generated valuable lessons learned for both TCMs owners, the technology vendors, the institutions and organizations involved and the whole CCS community.

The companies involved report valuable lessons learned about how their respective capture solutions work in a large-scale facility, and how to minimize emissions, energy demand and costs.

Typically, the technology providers share as little information as possible about their test campaigns.  The vendors newfound knowledge is regarded as trade secrets. The information could become a valuable asset in a future with high demand and competition for the best CCS-solutions.

However, the open source MEA campaigns has revealed a whole new insight into important improvements in generic capture technologies. This has benefited of the whole CCS community and created a better understanding of the benefits of combining open source and proprietary research and testing. These results can be used as references for other technology providers coming to TCM.