Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM)

Technology centre; TCM Edited: 01.09.2014
TCM is the world's largest centre devoted to testing and improving CO2 capture technologies.
Technologycentre Mongstad (TCM)

​CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM)

Photo: Helge Hansen

The purpose of the technology centre is to reduce technical, environmental and financial risk associated with full-scale CO2 capture, as well as to facilitate market development of CO2-capture technology.

TCM has a number of unique features, and the centre's most important advantages include:

  • It is the world's only test centre connected to flue gas from a gas power plant.
  • Suppliers have the opportunity to test two different flue gas sources. In addition to flue gas from the gas power plant, the suppliers can test their capture technology on flue gas from an oil refinery. This has a higher concentration of CO2 and can be compared with the flue gas from a coal power plant.
  • Can test multiple technologies in parallel.
  • Organised as a state-industrial partnership with no vested interest in its own technology development, but rather in developing technology that can be utilised by end users.
  • The size of the facility is appropriate in relation to scaling up to full-scale CO2 capture.
  • One of few locations in Europe where suppliers can further develop their CO2 capture technologies.

The amine plant was built by Aker Clean Carbon (now Aker Solutions), and the chilled ammonia plant was built by Alstom (now GE). Both plants are industrial in scale, which means that experience gained here can be transferred to full-scale plants. Aker and Alstom have tested their capture technologies at TCM and are completed their test programmes in the autumn of 2014. 

Since then technology vendors like Shell Cansolv, Carbon Clean Solutions and ION Engineering have tested out their technologies. In addition the owners have managed scientific campaigns to learn more about different aspects of carbon capture. The activity at the technology centre so far has yielded valuable experience that can help both technology suppliers and owners reduce the costs and risks associated with future full-scale projects.

TCM DA contributes to international dissemination of experience through cooperation with various research communities, companies and institutions, through participation at international conferences and through establishment of the “CCS Test Centre Network”. 

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