New Government continues CCS efforts

Government; CCS  
The Solberg Government maintains the ambition to realise at least one full-scale CCS demonstration facility by 2020, and will introduce wide-ranging efforts within technology development.
CO2 Technology Centre TCM Mongstad
Photo: Styrk Fjærtoft Trondsen

Published: 08102013

"The Government will adopt a broad-based approach to develop cost-efficient technology for the capture and storage of CO2, and has an ambition of realising at least one full-scale demonstration plant for CCS by 2020," as stated in the political platform for a Conservative and Progress Party coalition government.

This means that the Progress Party also supports the objective of the climate compromise.

"We are pleased that the new Government recognises the importance of promoting CCS solutions. Application of these technologies is absolutely essential if the world is to reach its climate objectives," says CEO of Gassnova, Tore Amundsen.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) considers capture and storage of CO2 from energy production and industry to be the third most important climate measure following energy conservation and renewable energy.


Government; CCS

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