New Communications Director of Gassnova

Rune Gutteberg Hansen (48), who started this week as Head of the Communications department of Gassnova, has communications experience from private and public companies - nationally and internationally.


- In my experience, many people are unaware of the importance of carbon capture and storage (CCS) in achieving the climate targets. We have a great communication tasks ahead of us - both in terms of the specific projects we are currently working on and how CCS can play a critical role in solving the climate challenges. I am very pleased to have a Communications manager like Rune Gutteberg Hansen, with such a strong background in communications and marketing, to lead Gassnova's work in this area, says CEO Trude Sundset.

For nearly 25 years, Rune has held leading positions as Communications Director of Volvo Cars in Norway, as Communications manager at Statnett and Coop Norge, and as Marketing manager at Dagbladet. Gutteberg Hansen also has a background as an adviser.

He has education from the Norwegian Defense College, Norwegian School of Economics, Administrative Research Fund (AFF) and BI Norwegian School of Economics.

 - Gassnova is at the forefront internationally in the development of carbon capture and storage solutions. These are measures among others that the UN has identified as very important for achieving global climate targets in the future. And when there was an opportunity to be part of Gassnova's organization and all the expertise gathered here, my choice was simple, says Rune Gutteberg Hansen.

Gutteberg Hansen will be part of Gassnova's management team