Government to develop new CCS strategy

The Norwegian Government is standing firm in its ambition to achieve at least one full-scale demonstration facility for carbon capture and storage (CCS) by 2020, and will now map what is needed to achieve this objective.
Less CO2 eaquals better climate
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​Published: 08112013

Today, the Government presented a supplementary budget proposal for 2014.

"It makes good sense for the Government to adopt a broad approach to see what is needed to achieve the desired facility for capture and storage of CO2. The conclusion of the work on the full-scale project at Mongstad and the abandonment of other projects worldwide highlight the difficulty of achieving this goal. Gassnova looks forward to using its expertise and experience to contribute to such a strategy," says CEO Tore Amundsen.

The new strategy will also address how Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) can contribute to achieving the Government's ambitions. The Stoltenberg Government proposed allocating an additional NOK 150 million to TCM in 2014, while the Solberg Government now wants to reduce this to NOK 50 million.

"We have noted the reduction in the additional funds for TCM. Nevertheless, a concerted commitment to technology development is essential if we are to promote competitive technologies in the market over the longer term. We are pleased that the additional funding for the CLIMIT research and demonstration programme will not be cut," says Amundsen.




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