CO2 Capture

  Edit: February 2018

CO2 capture is being studied today at three industrial emission sites in Norway: at Norcem's  cement factory in Brevik, at Yara's ammonia factory in Porsgrunn and at Fortum Oslo Varme AS.

All three operators delivered their concept studies for CCS in autumn 2017, with more detailed plans for the CCS facilities and more accurate cost estimates than in the feasibility study.

How many of these projects will progress from the concept phase to the next planning phase (the pilot phase) will be decided by the Storting in spring 2018. This will also depend on whether the industrial players find it commercially interesting to continue working on this project.

Gassnova is responsible for the implementation of the project through the concept and pilot phases. The project will be carried out in accordance with the project models of the individual industrial operators.