CO2 capture technology vendors awarded contracts for concept phase

  Presse release Statoil/Gassnova SF
Statoil and Gassnova have decided to enter into contracts for conceptual studies with all of the project's CO2 capture technology providers in the Technology Qualification Programme, for the Full-scale Carbon Capture Project at Mongstad (CCM).

​Last fall, Statoil and Gassnova started a technology qualification programme for a full scale CO2 capture plant at Mongstad (CO2 Capture Mongstad, the CCM project) with the intent to mature and commercialize at least one capture technology for use at Mongstad.

Suppliers with CO2-capture technology for flue gas sources were invited to participate in the programme. Frame agreements were signed in November 2011 with five suppliers of different technologies; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries LTD, ALSTOM Carbon Capture GmbH, Siemens AG, Aker Solutions (Aker Clean Carbon AS) and Huaneng-CERI Powerspan Joint Venture.

The first milestone included establishment of technology qualification programmes and the completion of feasibility studies. This was accomplished in spring of this year. This summer, all five capture technology vendors were awarded contracts for the technology qualification programme, which involves a 3000-hour performance test in their respective verification facilities. This work is ongoing, and Statoil and Gassnova have now decided to award contracts for conceptual studies to all suppliers.

"Under the contract, the capture suppliers shall conduct a conceptual study of their facility concept. In addition, Jacobs Nederland, CCM's engineering contractor, has been awarded an overall a total concept study for Mongstad which includes connections to both the refinery and the heat and power plant. Following the performance testing, extensive samples will be taken and analyzed both by the technology suppliers and by the CCM's analysis provider, Rambøll Finland," says Arne Nøttveit, Statoil's project manager for CCM.

Statoil and Gassnova are satisfied with the progress in the technology qualification and the cooperation with all companies involved, and believe the award of contracts is an important step towards realizing a full scale CO2-capture facility at Mongstad.



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