Gassnova’s mission

Gassnova; state enterprise Edited: November 2018
The state enterprise Gassnova will contribute to finding solutions to ensure that technology for capture and storage of CO2 can be implemented and become an effective climate measure
Less CO2 eaquals better climate


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Through the CLIMIT research programme, Gassnova grants financial support for development, demonstration and piloting of CCS technologies. The Research Council of Norway is responsible for the research aspects of the programme. Gassnova heads the CLIMIT secretariat. The goal of CLIMIT is to contribute to establishing this essential environmental technology on an international basis, sooner than would otherwise have been possible.

Gassnova manages the state's interest in the Technology Centre Mongstad. The Technology Centre at Mongstad was established with the goal of creating an arena for long-term and targeted development, testing and qualification of technology for CO2 capture. Gassnova will facilitate the sharing and dissemination of these experiences in order to reduce the costs and risks of CO2 capture.

Gassnova manages and coordinates the work of the Norwegian full scale project for CO2 capture and storage (CCS). This means that Gassnova follows up the study contracts that the company has entered into with Norcem, Fortum Oslo Heating and Equinor, and evaluates the studies at the end of each study phase. Gassnova will also ensure optimization of the entire CO2 management chain. In addition, Gassnova has overall responsibility for coordinating the benefits realization efforts. These efforts are about performing a number of activities in addition to the actual project activities to ensure that the state's overall goals with the project are achieved.

Gassnova will furthermore advise the authorities in issues relating to CCS.