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Gassnova Revised: July 2018
GASSNOVA HAS BEEN given a very tall order on behalf of the Norwegian society. We will contribute to solutions that enable the capture and storage of CO2, so that humans don't render the planet uninhabitable for future generations.
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This is work which requires us to be patient and impatient, all at the same time. Patient because we spearhead the work with new and untested technology, where success is not always guaranteed. Impatient and inquisitive so that we never rest in our quest for the best solutions.

Gassnova has been given the responsibility for a community effort few other countries than Norway could have initiated. Finding future carbon solutions requires major resources. The Norwegian oil and gas adventure has also given us important knowledge and expertise. The benefits of succeeding will be well worth the effort.

Gassnova has three focus areas

  1. Technology development

    • The CLIMIT research and development programme will contribute to CCS (carbon capture and storage) becoming a commercially interesting climate measure sooner than what would otherwise be possible through economic stimulus of research, pilots, development and demonstration.
    • CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM), the world largest of its kind, is a unique centre for demonstrating and refining carbon capture technologies. Here, suppliers can develop their solutions before they are commercialised.
  2. Full-scale CCS

    • The authorities have an ambition to put a functioning full-scale CCS demonstration facility in place by 2020.
    • Gassnova studies the possibility for full-scale CCS in Norway, both at existing and potential CO2 emission sources. The goal is to identify a project that can be realise.
  3. Advice

    • Gassnova functions as technical advisor and expert for the authorities and Norwegian climate policymakers.
    • We contribute to Norway taking a leading role in the world's climate battle, and the solutions that will enable the world to win this battle.


​Facts about Gassnova

  • Established in 2005
  • Located in Porsgrunn
  • Gassnova reports to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, and receives its funding via the fiscal budget
  • CEO - Trude Sundset
  • The Gassnova board has six members; Morten Ruud (chair), Marianne Holmen (deputy chair), Cathrine Brekke, Kjell Olav Kristiansen, Trond Moengen and Ståle Aakenes (employee representative)
  • Gassnova currently has approx. 40 employees. We have broad and specialised expertise, as well as extensive experience from research and industry