Gassnova has been given a very tall order by the Norwegian society:, has been given a very tall order by the Norwegian society: Photo: Helge HansenWe must contribute to the solutions enabling CO2 to be captured and stored, so humanity does not render the planet uninhabitable for future generations.
Gassnova must facilitate broad-based technology development and maturation,, must facilitate broad-based technology development and maturation, Photo: Styrk Fjærtoft Trondsenand thus contribute to reducing costs and risks for capture and storage of CO2. Furthermore, Gassnova must follow-up the state’s CCS projects, safeguarding the authorities’ interests and functioning as an adviser.
Gassnova must contribute to finding solutions, must contribute to finding solutions Photo: Styrk Fjærtoft Trondsenthat facilitate application and use of technologies for capture and storage of CO2, and thus making CCS an effective climate measure.



This week's most important CCS news's-most-important-CCS-news.aspxThis week's most important CCS news2014-04-23T17:32:10ZRead a summary of national and international news stories on CCS published during the past week.
The CLIMIT programme is looking for ground-breaking CCS ideas CLIMIT programme is looking for ground-breaking CCS ideas2014-03-10T13:02:12ZTechnology development continues to progress despite last autumn’s cancellation of the Mongstad full-scale capture facility. The budgets for research, development and demonstration of new CCS technology have increased in 2014.
Gassnova and CLIMIT launch new websites and CLIMIT launch new websites2014-01-13T12:28:36ZWelcome to our new websites featuring a new design and fresh content! Our ambition is to make these Norway's most comprehensive websites on the topic of CO2 capture and storage.
Gassnova invited to extraordinary parliamentary hearing invited to extraordinary parliamentary hearing2014-01-13T12:20:01ZThe Storting's Standing Committee on Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs will hold an extraordinary parliamentary hearing on 20 and 23 January regarding the Office of the Auditor General's investigation of the State's work on CCS.
Highlights in CLIMIT 2013 in CLIMIT 20132014-01-05T10:32:04ZThe projects in the CLIMIT programme are advancing the technology for capture, transport and storage of CO2. There is a clear shift in the international direction. The CLIMIT budget will increase by NOK 30 million to NOK 200 million next year.

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